President Message

Dear Customers and Friends; our family business has been built brick by brick during the past 60 years, dedicating its energy to the seed business. Tuniche Seed is specialized in both high standard seed production and research services, for row crops and vegetables seeds.

Our day to day activities are guided by our parents’ and grandparents’ values, integrity, innovation, and commitment in combination with sustainability, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. They are the cornerstones of what is today the Tuniche Style.

We are very proud of our 132 full time employees. They are fully committed to understanding what our customers’ needs are and servicing them with this Tuniche Style.

If you have ever worked with Tuniche, you probably already know what I am taking about. If you have not, we invite you to experience it the firsthand. Service spirit and performance is not only our passion, it is our style of life.

Víctor C. Álamos

Tuniche Seed Services

History of Tuniche Seed Services

Tuniche Seed Services (TSS) was founded in 1993 by Victor C. Alamos. Since the beginning, the main focus of TSS has been to serve worldwide seed companies with a highquality product, at the right time for their marketing needs, with a competitive cost. This allows our customers to have a reliable supply for its key products and technology, to improve their inventory management and successfully replacing any production failure in their own countries.

Victor C. Alamos learned about seed business and genetics from his father Victor M., a prominent plant breeder, who is very well-known for his work in the genetic improvement of Choclo Corn (exotic Chilean corn) and well-recognized as one of the for fathers un single-cross hybrids selection and their introduction to the Chilean local Market in the mid ‘70s.

The Alamos Family has been extensively involved with farming activities and has specialized in the seed business since the mid ‘60s. Alfredo Alamos, the grandfather, a large dairy businessman from the south of Chile, bought the current family farm in Graneros, and it was his support and spirit of innovation that contributed to their early activities in seeds. Victor M. Alamos’s love and passion for corn plant breeding introduced the family to the world of corn seeds, and his primary goal was to supply Chilean farmers with higher quality seeds, incorporating the more advanced technology from abroad.

In the early ‘90´s, Victor C. Alamos, a 3rd generation Alamos with a financial, logistics and operational background in banking and larger agribusiness companies, entered to the family business to create and develop Tuniche Seed Services (TSS), aligning his orientation to the international seeds business as a seed producer.

In the beginning, the newly-founded company it was mainly dedicated to corn seed production. In 1994, its first year, TSS successfully produced and exported 18 hectares. The business was growing year by year. In 1997 and 1999, they decided to take a big step and build a state of the art drying and processing plant. This plant was designed by the renowned engineer Paul Bratney, and expanded the business’s capacity to 1.000 hectares of seed corn production.

Over the following years, TSS expanded its production capacity several times and gained experience in different crops, soybean, canola, sunflower and multi vegetables seed production. Today TSS has the facility capacity, and professional team and experience to grow, conditioning, export and safely manage 5.000 hectares of large crop and small seed production.

The year 2000 it was founded The Research Services Division, it is oriented towards helping seed companies with their research and development programs. This division is organized in 5 sites (Research Stations and Home farms); Arica, Graneros, Rancagua, Rengo and Talca, their combined capacity covers 300 hectares of nursery work, special breeding, prebasic seed and regulatory projects.

The Vegetable Seed Production Division was started in 2007; initially geared to expertise in sweet corn production for markets of the USA, Europe and the Far East market. After a few years of successful performance, the vegetables seed division has expanded to include Brassicas, cucurbits, solanaceas, carrot, lettuce, bunching, working in open fields, as well in cages and net houses.

TSS is permanently exploring new production sites and technics in Chile and abroad in South Americato offer our customers high performance, different harvest windows and diversification. In 28 years, TSS has built a wide network of contacts, partners and clients throughout North America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Far East and South America.


Tuniche Seed Services, a traditional Chilean family-owned company, specializes in seed production and research and is committed to serving our clients around the world in hybrid seed production and nursery services through innovation and high quality performance with our dedicated teams of experts working reliably, consistently and closely on each project.


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